Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Pictures of Wierd Car Accidents

Pictures of wierd car accidents compiled from the net. Some are really amazing.

Random Funny, Amazing Pictures

Pictures of "Oh Sh*t!" moments
Check out these Pictures of "Oh Sh*t!" moments. Really funny and crazy.

Evolving Chick - Amazing Pics
Here are some pictures of an egg that is evolving into a Chick. Have you ever seen anything like this before! Absolutely amazing and breathtaking photos. How was it done? Guess we'll never find out! Have a look!

Here are some Random Pictures found on the net that I found Funny and Amazing.

Name on Toast. Funny way of advertising.

Amazing Tree!

Funny sign boards

Pictures of Funny faces

Pictures of Funny faces compiled from the net.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Really weird, funny, crazy and amazing pictures!

Here is a collection of some really weird, crazy, funny and Amazing pictures compiled for you from the web. Hope you enjoy them.

It's finally here and official, XP on Mac!!

This amazing elephant is looking for a lift!!

Amazing picture of a Merchant vessal on fire!!

The MonaEddie !!

Tennis fun!


Police Protection??

King Kong defense system!!

Guess it's Break time!!

Pictures of "Great Minds"! Well, not all!!!

Funny, "sharp" sign board!

Crazy, weird way of advertising!!

A "Can" Truck full of Coco Cola!

This one's Amazing!

Need a "Crash" Course in flying?

Focus on this!!!