Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Funny Signs and Signposts

These are really very funny and weird signs and signposts pictures that I found on the internet. Have a look.

This one looks like it has been tampered with.

Someone has a good sense of humor!

Now, this one's really funny...!!

HA...Ha.. ha!!WOW..Really.

Then where the hell is the entry point?? Look for the exit sign... I suppose!!!

This is really funny..!

Wow! That's an option to consider now!!!...

Looks like the emergency is not all that urgent really...!!!?!!

UH... Oh..! The secret's not a secret anymore!

I found this really hilarious...!

Just in case Batman has a memory loss!

This one's really funny..!

Yes, you need all the good luck you can find if you follow THAT road sign!!!

I found this to be a very funny road sign...!!

This one's really unbelievable..!

This is a really funny warning sign for wheel chairs...!!

A really funny sign post pointing the way to Chicago...!


Carl said...

The first sign hanged with the galvanized steel strapping is definitely 'tampered' with LOL. The alzheimer sign looks like something from a gag magazine or used for an advertisement of some sorts. I quite don't get the last one though, what's with the direction to Chicago?

Unknown said...

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