Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Watch Funny Video

Watch this really Funny Video Clips!

watch this Funny,Funny Video Clips!

Watch Funny Pet Videos

Watch these videos.This is a Video of funny cats. absolutely Funny and Hilarious.

Here's a Video Clip of some really very funny cats!

Some More funny animal clips!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Funny Pictures of Top five most 'ungentlemanly' men

Here are funny Pictures of the Top 5 most "ungentlemanly" Men. These pictures have been compiled from the internet.Have a look! I just hope the guys don't get too inspired by them!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Funny Pictures of Top Ten Women Drivers

Here is a collection of funny pictures of women drivers, ranked top ten here! They are really crazy and will make you laugh out loud....!! have fun guys...

This could have happened to a GUY too! So, it gets the tenth position! Let's be fair to the ladies eh!........

Wow! this is really a common one, so I put it in the ninth position.

I wonder how she managed to do THAT?!!! This one is eightth on my list.

Now that's reall telling isn't it? She gets the seventh position!

This one manages to get into a real "tight" situation alright! This one is the sixth position....

On the Fifth position...

This one gets the Fourth position...

This one's the second runner up.....

The Runner up....

And the Winner is....!

Funny and Amazing Advertisement Pictures

Here is a collection of some really Amazing and funny "advertisement" Pictures that I found on the net. Have a Look! I must say, some of them are a real piece of art!

How To Shower - Men & Women

Here is a funny video that shows "How to Shower" men and women. These are the ettiquetes one follows when going for a shower! Its a comedy. Watch this video.


Saturday, June 9, 2007

Fun in the Bathroom! A Great Collection Of funny Clips!

Watch this really funny video clip of bathroom scenes. Absolutely Hilarious!!A great collection.Scenes of fun in the bathroom. Kids, and grownups and even dogs! Watch it.Really funny!

Monday, June 4, 2007

All Funny Pictures

All Laugh out loud Funny and hilarious pictures all compiled for you from the net! Enjoy!

Batman, Robin to the Rescue>>

New Kind of Jet training!

Now, Don't you find this cute!!

Yeah, That's ALL you're gonna find in there mate!

Wow! My secret is out! So, now you know HOW Dentists make all that Money!

Wanna talk about Jobs that SUCK..!!

Funny, Crazy and Wierd Pictures

I have put together some really funny, crazy and wierd pictures compiled from the net. Hope you like them!

JAWWS 3....IN THE MAKING!!This is Crazy Man....!

UGH!!Any one care for a "RatBurger".

UGH, Again!!!

OUCH! That hurts!!!

SuperDogs? "Krypto" in the making.. Really funny and crazy stuff.

This is what a "Stretch Limo" looks like in Texas!!

Looks like a real fun way to count sheep!

Alien Kitty...

A simple matter of perspective!

I feel like a Lion today!

Funny Golf "Tee Hole!"

Oh, My Goodness! is that venom's tongue? Imagine That.

Wow! now I call that really wierd! why on earth would someone want to do THAT?!!