Monday, June 4, 2007

Funny, Crazy and Wierd Pictures

I have put together some really funny, crazy and wierd pictures compiled from the net. Hope you like them!

JAWWS 3....IN THE MAKING!!This is Crazy Man....!

UGH!!Any one care for a "RatBurger".

UGH, Again!!!

OUCH! That hurts!!!

SuperDogs? "Krypto" in the making.. Really funny and crazy stuff.

This is what a "Stretch Limo" looks like in Texas!!

Looks like a real fun way to count sheep!

Alien Kitty...

A simple matter of perspective!

I feel like a Lion today!

Funny Golf "Tee Hole!"

Oh, My Goodness! is that venom's tongue? Imagine That.

Wow! now I call that really wierd! why on earth would someone want to do THAT?!!

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