Monday, May 21, 2007

Funny Animal Pictures

Here are some funny animal pictures compiled from the net.
Hey, that's too cold!!

Looking for a perfect male? Well, here's one that's Horny and sensitive!

Now this one's dangerous..... Don't go near it!!!!

Now this is an interesting picture depicting what happens to a Lion or even men for that matter before, during and after marriage.This is a Lion and his Lioness enjoying a good relationship before marriage.

This is a Lion before marriage.

This is what happens to the Lion when he is married.

This is what happens to the poor Lion after marriage or even a divorce

A huge Anaconda.Why don't you guys just leave it where it belongs?!!

Iam Realllly hungry.........Let's see what's in here!

Are you Outta your mind? No way I'm gonna sniff THAT...!! Sniff it yourself.

Let's see if this thing works!!!!

Hey,Don't take my bucket...!

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