Monday, November 19, 2007

10 Most Bizarre Sports - Funny Pictures

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Sepak Takraw

Sepak Takraw resembles soccer, volleyball and gymnastics all in one game.

Unicycle Hockey

So how do you make ice hockey more difficult? Play it on unicycles!

Buzkashi: like polo, but with headless goat

The players grab the dead headless calf or goat, pass it off to other players, and try to score by getting it in their goal.

Cheese Chasing

A wheel of cheese weighing about eight pounds is rolled down a very steep hill, and dozens of contestants go scrambling after

Bog Snorkeling

Competitors must snorkel through dirty, smelly mud water for two lengths of a 60 yard trench that has been cut through a peat bog.

Man versus Horse

A cross country course is laid out, and human competitors pit their stamina against that of a posse of chosen horses.

Rock Paper Scissors League

In April 2006, the inaugural USA Rock Paper Scissors League Championship was held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Underwater Rugby

Wife Carrying World Championship

10 Most Bizarre Sports

Published on 7/2/2007

Chess Boxing

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